Web Development

When you need a website, H&A’s web development team creates your web presence with a custom build instead of Wordpress or Wix, giving you the SEO and cyber security benefits only the best programming languages can offer. 
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Does your website suffer from…

  • a confusing, disorganized design?
  • poor conversion or SEO scores?
  • an outdated design or layout?
  • missing features, integrations or pages?
  • low scalability and growth options?
  • bugs, errors or cyber security issues?

Custom development for form and function.

Most of your customers will first encounter your brand online, which means your website needs to be intuitive, well-designed and move your potential customers towards a purchase, call or meeting.

To stand out and convert customers, you’ll need a website that looks as good as it functions, complete with the features, pages, integrations and optimizations that help you get found in search engines and convert visitors.

To achieve this, H&A’s developers utilize programming languages like Bootstrap 4, Jquery, Laravel, PHP, MySQL and Symfony, an approach that far exceeds the performance and customization of mass-market platforms.

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Comprehensive Web Development Services

  • Custom websites
  • Existing site overhauls
  • SEO improvements
  • UX and user flow updates
  • Sales and lead gen optimization
  • Integrations and automations
Optimized Site Experience

Drive more sales with a  well-designed site.

100% Custom Build

Get a website that does  exactly what you need it to do.

Modern Look & Feel

Upgrade your online presence  with an up-to-date site.

Affordable Development

The best custom development  value anywhere.

Website Experts

Work with pros who  understand your business.

Quick Turnaround

Deploy your site sooner  with fast development.

Quality. Speed. Affordability. Choose all 3.

Usually, developing a custom website means having to choose between quality, speed or affordability—but that’s problematic when you need a great site at a reasonable price right away.

That’s why H&A’s approach to web development combines the latest web development tech with a team of experts chosen for their speed and precision, delivering the best value digital solutions out there. With superior processes and efficiencies, H&A passes on the time and financial savings–while delivering a website you’ll be proud to show off.

Leveraging advanced programming languages like Bootstrap 4, Jquery, Laravel, PHP, MySQL and Symfony, you’ll get a site that achieves exactly what you need it to do, avoiding the downsides of drag and drop or templated websites that suffer from security, search ranking and customization issues.

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